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by Matthew D. Wittmer
Last updated June 2016

Thank you for visiting. Researching infamous events, mountaineering, tightwire walking, tattooing, and making things is what I do. My work and travel is often inspired by events where people have struggled to survive or overcome some type of odds. The aim of my photos, videos, and artwork is to reveal a down to earth and first hand view of places that have typically been sensationalized or viewed as strange.

I created this site in 2006 to share my documentation of the Branch Davidian property as well as my other artwork and research. Mighty Noel Green of Park East has been a king in spearheading the site’s full design overhaul in early 2016 to the look you see now. Contact him if you need a web design – he is terrific at what he does AND he is a master at making all kinds of things too.

Don’t hesitate to email any questions about information on this website!

Best regards,

Matthew Wittmer
June 2016
mwittmer [at] nym.hush.com

Matthew has been a skilled artist since grade school. His writing and art has been published by Roman and Littlefield, University of California Press, and Independent School Magazine. His employment is where there is a creative crossroads with learning and teaching. Matthew instructed drawing and printmaking courses at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was a mental health caseworker worker for Telecare in downtown Los Angeles. Since 2008 he has been a full-time librarian for middle and high school students at The Buckley School. Mountaineering and canyoneering have crept into his repertoire as has the sacred art of tattooing.

Matthew has lectured about his work with Branch Davidian survivors at The Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University in Waco, Texas and has performed tightwire walks for The Craft & Folk Art Museum and The Buckley School in Los Angeles.

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Matthew has traveled throughout the United States, New Zealand, Ireland, London, France, Spain, southern India, and Italy.

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