The Mount Carmel memorial trees & stone layout

by Matthew D. Wittmer

Memorial crape myrtle trees were planted on the Mount Carmel property directly in front of where David’s building once stood in 1995 to honor each Branch Davidian killed in 1993. Rick Donaldson and the survivors planted these trees during the April 19th 1995 memorial. I created the following rubbings of the name stones there in 2000 to preserve history should they ever be moved or destroyed. David’s stone was destroyed later. All stones were later uprooted in 2009 and stacked into an outdoor, corner wall memorial that is now located near the front of the gate for easier access to the public. Below are copies of each of my individual rubbings of the name stones made in 2000. Now that all stones and tress have been moved by Charles Pace, my website is the only effort that has documented the layout of how the trees and stones were initially arranged by survivors.
Charles explained his reasoning for moving of the trees was based in scripture (specifically to not have a grove of trees near an alter – I’ll be adding that information soon here) as well as function since the trees can be watered more effectively along the drive. The memorial name stones he says are more easily accessed by visitors at the front in a stack and are no longer difficult to mow around being individually placed in a grid on the lawn.