by Matthew D. Wittmer
Last updated December 2017

My process
There are many methods of tattooing.

Each method, reason, tool, and process in tattooing has a unique utility.

In the last 25 years male and female tattoo artists have blessed me with many tattoos, and I always learn something new with each piece. Bishop Rotary machines are my preference for applying and receiving a tattoo (homage to Franco at Vatican for making them). Intenze Inks and Eternal Inks are the brands I prefer to use for color; occasionally I find myself dipping into Dynamic for black work. Disposable tubes & needles set up in multiple machines is my preference vs. using a single machine with cartridges.

Every person who entrusts me with their skin for a tattoo inspires me to see the world in a new light. Some of the tattoo artists that are my continual influence include London Reese (The Black Lantern, CA), Marc Durrant (Hidden Los Angeles, CA), Latisha Wood (Vatican Studios, CA), Aniela Dahlgren (Black Byran, Sweden), Franco Vescovi (Vatican Studios, CA), Josh Woods (The Black Lantern), Nick Whybrow (UK), Mattia Mambo Meda (Italy), Dan Molloy (UK) and Hanumantra Lamar (Australia).

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